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"It was much easier than I thought to learn exactly what my readers want."

Gordon Carroll, Mystery author

"Selling directly to readers was the best career decision I've ever made."

Naomi Rawlings, Historical fiction author

Sell directly to your readers.

"I LOVE selling directly to my readers! I turned a profit on my first full day of testing!"

Diana Orgain, Cozy mystery author

14 Days to a system that sells your books directly to readers.


Steve Pieper



Hi, I'm Steve. I'm a marketing nerd. My clients have earned over $149,000,000 since 2013, and I'm also a USA Today bestselling novelist under the pen name Lars Emmerich

Amazon treated me badly one time, so I decided to sell directly to readers. 24 months later, I had reached $1,000,000 in sales.


I keep all of the sales revenue. I don't split my royalties with amazon or anyone else.


If you can learn how to let your readers guide you in your storytelling and in your marketing, you can achieve great results.


But here's the harsh truth about selling books:


Great books don't just "find their audience."


The world is saturated with books. 60,000,000 of them on Amazon, by my recent estimate.

Most authors don't want to hear this, but here it is:


Your stories and your marketing system make all the difference. 


You have to approach your marketing efforts with the same professionalism that you bring to your writing.


And you have to follow a proven, simple, data-informed process to discover what resonates. 


Otherwise, you're just throwing mud against the wall and hoping it sticks. That rarely works. :)

How does this work?


Selling books in the digital environment requires four critical assets.


These assets must be optimized in order to produce profitable results.


Fortunately, there is a straightforward process you can follow to take control of your sales process and your career.


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