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  • The six-part direct-to-reader bookselling system behind $25M/yr in book sales
  • The 7 skills shared by fifteen 7-figure-per-year Direct Sales authors
  • The 6 market tests that can cut your book ad costs in half
  • How Direct Sales lifted one historical fiction author from poverty to a $694K year
  • The experts endorsed by Joanna Penn, Kindlepreneur, and 15 authors earning $1M/yr
  • 5 email marketing lessons from 10,000,000 author emails sent to readers
  • A sober look at the pros and cons of selling directly to readers
  • How one children's author went from $2K/mo to $180K/mo in 9 months
  • Six advertising principles to attract BUYERS and repel "curiosity clickers"
  • The best book formats to sell directly to readers
  • The 5 essential web tools for a profitable Direct Sales enterprise
  • Which ecommerce app is best for selling directly to readers
  • The 7 key factors that determine whether a reader buys from you
  • Which digital advertising platform is best for Direct Sales
  • How one market test took a struggling nonfiction duo from 0 to $400K per month
  • How many books you'll need (based on genre) for a profitable Direct Sales business
  • What to do if you don't yet have that many titles
  • How a spicy romance author's backlist earned $1.1M last year
  • How a women's fiction author's backlist earned $2M+ last year
  • What advice Direct Sales veterans have to offer for YOU
  • Whether book sale deadlines are good or evil :)
  • Actionable insights from millions of books sold directly to readers over the past 7 years
  • How to get help and support for your Direct Sales effort from 7-figure authors


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Join the FREE 14-day Author Direct Sales Course

One email per day. Over 50 actionable insights. Make an informed decision about selling directly to your readers, and learn how to sell more books regardless of which approach you choose. 

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