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Click Testing is how dozens of the world's most successful indie authors develop their book ads.


Click Testing:


A straightforward market testing process for indie authors that lowers ad costs, boosts sales, reduces frustration, and increases profits. 


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Young Adult series author AJ Vanderhorst used Click Testing to help him sell 115,728 books in just 12 months.

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Othniel Dory used Click Testing to build a $6,000-per-day children's book sales system, and crossed $1M in annual sales for 2023.


He currently sells 800 to 900 copies per day.


Nonfiction author and entrepreneur Erin Athene used Click Testing to become a bestseller, and to scale her training company to reach #1935 on the Inc 5000 list. 

Nonfiction and Suspense author Alana Terry started Click Testing in February of 2023, and crossed $94,000 in monthly book and course sales in July. 

Historical romance author Naomi Rawlings used Click Testing for the ads that made $25,840 in just 7 days. She earned $694,000 for the year.

Britt and Laurie-Anne teach and write about personal finance for women. They used Click Testing to go from $0 per month to over $400,000 per month in just six months. 

What are the Six Click Tests?



We'll show you how to set up, conduct, and evaluate your Click Tests to produce high-converting advertisements that sell more books and earn more profit per sale.


Test 1 - Tagline / Motivations

Storytellers (Novelists, memoirists, and story-based nonfiction authors) will test book/series taglines, while Problem Solvers will find their market's strongest motivators for positive change.




Test 2 - Headline / Transformation

Storytellers will test ad headlines, while Problem Solvers will find the most compelling transformation statements for their audience.




Test 3 - Testimonials

All authors will find compelling "standalone testimonials" from prior readers and customers to help prospective readers make a buying decision.




Test 4 - Images

A great deal of human gray matter is devoted to digesting visual information, so ad images are a powerful way to give prospective readers a sense of the experience of your book(s). 




Test 5 - Primary Ad Text

You'll discover the best way to use the "primary text" section of your advertisements to get readers excited about your books and products. 




Test 6 - Stress Test

This is the final "sanity check" from your market to confirm that your testing has produced at least one high-converting advertisement to power your book sales.





Click Testing is straightforward and extremely powerful.

Will yours be the next Click Testing success story? 

You CAN do this!

You CAN do this!

"Last year's earnings were $694,000, and it took me 30 months to reach $1,000,000 in total earnings."

-Naomi Rawlings, 2022




→ $311,000 in book sales in her first year using Click Testing.


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"Best investment I've ever made in my author career."

- Gordon Carroll, Mystery/Thriller, $309K in his first year.

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What is "Click Testing" for independent authors?


Click Testing is a straightforward ad testing process for indie authors that lowers costs, boosts sales, reduces frustration, and increases profits.

Click Testing is used by over 800 businesses and authors in 75+ industries, and has helped to create over $1B in client results.

Why should I use Click Testing to build and optimize my ads?


Click Testing is the fastest and cheapest way to build highly profitable ads.

This is our conclusion after conducting or consulting on over 6,000 market tests encompassing over 50,000 ideas, concepts, and images.

Click Testing is responsible for $125MM+ in extra revenue every year.

An "added bonus" is that Click Testing allows you to deeply understand your market, so that you'll write better and more compelling books in the future.

How long does Click Testing take?


You'll conduct six individual tests, which last 24 to 36 hours each, on average. This is often sufficient to produce high-converting ads, but if you don't happen to find marketing ideas that meet our quality benchmarks to guide you to profitability, you may need to perform additional rounds of individual tests. Most authors complete the process within one to two weeks.

How much does Click Testing cost?


You'll conduct six individual tests, which last 24 to 36 hours each, on average. You'll use a daily budget of $30 for Click Testing, so each test generally costs $30 to $45 (give or take).

You may need to accomplish additional rounds of testing, depending on your specific results during each test.

Do I need to have a website, autoresponder, Shopify store, or other web tools in order to do Click Testing for my books?


Nope! You just need a place for people to go when they click on your test ads, which can be a book page on Amazon or other retailers, or a landing page, or sales page, etc. 

Does Click Testing work for Novelists or Nonfiction authors?



Is Click Testing compatible with Kindle Unlimited, or do I have to be "wide"?


Click Testing is compatible with selling your books wherever you're currently selling them, whether that's exclusively through Amazon, via additional retailers, or by selling directly to your readers.

Is it true that million-dollar-a-year authors are using Click Testing for their book ideas?


Yes, and you can improve your odds by 100X of writing a book that readers really resonate with, just by taking a few days to click test your book elements. This has the added benefit of pre-testing all of the marketing assets that will sell your book when it's finished. Your readers will show you quite clearly which of your ideas are duds and which ones are worth turning into a book.

Does Click Testing require any third-party tools?


Yes -- you'll need the free design suite called Canva, and we use Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram) for our testing and growth ads. And you'll obviously need a mechanism to sell and deliver your books to your readers, which may involve Amazon or other retailers, or a Shopify store, etc.

Can I use the assets from my Click Tests in my other marketing efforts?


ABSOLUTELY! You'll be able to use what you learn in Click Testing to improve the performance of your product pages, landing pages, email open and click rates, upsell take rates, etc. In short, when you discover what your readers like, it's really important to give it to them. :)

Does Click Testing require technical skills?


You'll need to have basic computer skills, and you'll need to be able to navigate your way through the Meta ads manager interface and the Canva design suite. This will be made easier with step-by-step tutorials, and there are no additional technical skills required.

Has Click Testing been proven in any other industries?


Yes - Click Testing has helped businesses in over 75 different industries, and is responsible for at least $125MM in additional revenue every year. We've personally worked with over 800 authors and businesses, and conducted or consulted on tests in hundreds of genres and business areas.

What are the 30-Day Limited Guarantee terms?


Click Testing has changed lives and fortunes. But you have to do the work, and you need professional-caliber books, so we obviously can’t guarantee financial results of any kind.

Income guarantees are also against the law.

And keep in mind that one valid (if frustrating) outcome of market testing is that your books need work.

HOWEVER, we do offer a 30-Day Limited Guarantee.

We guarantee that if you follow the process correctly, you will gain crucial knowledge about your market's needs and desires.

(Britt and Laurie-Anne went from $0 to $400K per month on the strength of what they learned through click testing).

These are the terms: You must properly complete all six tests as specified in the curriculum and submit a refund application with proof of your test completion within 30 days of your purchase. Personal reasons, changes in your circumstances, acts of nature, injury and illness, book sales/royalty numbers, and Meta/Amazon account suspensions are not covered in your 30-Day Limited Guarantee.

How long is the Click Testing curriculum?


We deeply respect your time, so we worked our tails off to make the Click Testing program as concise and impactful as possible.

There are 12 bite-sized lessons in total, and we've observed (with great joy and humility) that together, they have the power to completely change an author's life. There are also a couple of additional lessons to help you on your way toward world domination. :)

Can I get personalized help if I need it?


Yes, absolutely - you'll be able to submit trouble tickets, and you'll have the option to purchase a subscription to our live coaching calls, where you'll receive personal attention from Steve, Naomi, and Diana on your ad tests in a group setting.

Why do we use Facebook and Instagram for Click Testing?


We've collectively spent millions of dollars in advertising money to sell our books and products, and have tested every major ad platform along the way (and most of the minor ones). Facebook and Instagram provide the best results for the least money, by a wide margin.

The rest of the digital marketing industry seems to agree, because FB and IG garner nearly three times more ad revenue than Google, according to Northbeam.

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